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Kenny James is best known for the voice of Bowser for Nintendo's Super Mario Bros franchise as well as Dry Bowser, Dark Bowser, and others.

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Drew Geraci

Drew has worked in the comic book industry for over 25 years. Drew is credited in 295 issues and has inked comics for DC Comics, Marvel, Star Wars, Star Trek and more. 


John Locke

John Locke is a local Memphis TN based actor of movies, theater, commercials, radio, music videos and independent films.  He is best known for his role as Mr. French in the Hit movie O Brother Where Art Thou.  



KerriBlandCosplay is a Mississippi-based cosplayer, with an especial love for all things Nintendo. She began cosplaying in 2014, and has since won over 10 costuming awards from various states across the south. Kerri is actively involved in the convention scene, having volunteered, guested, and attended a multitude of conventions. 

Kerri has been featured in the Danganronpa 2 (Ultimate Luck and Hope and Despair) manga, Cosplay Realm Magazine, and Cartoon network as part of a Steven Universe commercial. 


Kerri can be found on all social platforms @Kerriblandcosplay


Mark James

Mark runs the websites as well as He has written nearly 4 dozen books chronicling professional wrestling from the 1950s thru the 1990s. Memphis, Jackson, Nashville, Louisville, etc. plus different territories such as AWA, Detroit, Houston, Georgia, Florida, etc. Mark is a regular face at many wrestling events as well as many comic cons and pop cons and expos throughout TN, IN, AR, GA, AL, NC, SC, IL, etc. One of his latest books is a record book on Jerry Lawler.


Kwartz Kitty

Hi! My name is Kwartz Kitty and I’m a plus size cosplayer that’s been in the cosplay game for 4 years and have won multiple awards for my cosplay creations across different states. I believe that cosplay is for everyone and anyone!

Trinity McDaniel

Trinity is an avid cosplayer and amateur model of over seven years, and is based out of Tennessee. Though she has never been one for competitive cosplay, some of her favorite moments within her cosplay career include being able to being her characters to various fundraisers and charity events when the call goes out.

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