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2023 Corinth Comic Con Cosplay Contest Information

*Corinth Comic Con No Longer has an Exhibition Category - Contestants must compete as Craftsman. Kids are still eligible to compete in the Kids Category.

● Sign up sheets will be available from 10:00am - 12:30pm.

● Sign ups will be limited to 50 spots. (Craftsman only - not including kids)
● Once a contestant signs up, they will be given a contestant number and a time to be at prejudging.
● Prejudging will begin at 12:30, and will end once all contestants have been judged.
● Contestants prejudging will take no more than 2 minutes a piece. During this time,
contestants will explain their process of creating the costume and may present progress photos if desired.

● After Pre-judging, Contestants will make their way to Huffoto Studios booth to have a picture made. This ensures that judges can look back on each costume during their decision making process
● All contestants will meet at the catwalk area 15 minutes prior to the live contest. Judges will give a demonstration on how the contestants will present.

2023 Corinth Comic Con Cosplay Contest Rules


● Craftsman competitors must acknowledge they have made at least 60% of their costume.
● Contestants must have, at minimum, moderate swimsuit level coverage.
● Contestants must be truthful in prejudging what they have made, and what they have
● Bodypaint may be worn but must be sealed.
● Prop weapons must be checked and tagged by convention staff prior to judging.
● Contestants may not wear hate symbols.
● Contestants may not yell profanity during or after the contest.
● Contestants may not threaten, nor engage in combat with judges or other contestants.
● C
ontestants may ask for their judging sheets back after contest has ended.

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